Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year… it’s all change here at Razzberry Bazaar. Xmas saw the culmination of the success of the new website combined with the ever increasing popularity of the iconic Bazaar… Exciting but pretty exhausting. We are just surfacing again now, re-grouped and re-inspired. We are clearing the decks… more bargains in Razzberry Rummage… to make way for new and innovative projects… lots of morphic resonance!!!


One of our exciting new developments in Razzberry Home is handmade cushions incorporating vintage Indian textiles and contemporary fabrics. Our website continues to develop inspired by new styles and fabrics. The layout of the shop is constantly changing, regular customers will see a big difference!!! There’s now room to swing a cat, if you’ve got a cat to swing.


Still blooming, but a little wind-battered now, our symbolic winter violas are putting on brave little faces on the shop front.


On a final note – if you are sick of the same old knob and the festive period has highlighted a certain lacklustre in your home – we have a brilliant new selection from Nkuku including a knob for every occasion!!! New Year, new knob. Refresh your home minimum expenditure.